Bye Bye, Miss American Pie

By Lawrence, a brother Knight

Like the Kennedy assassination, and the ruling on Roe v. Wade, I will always know where I was when the decision on Gay Marriage was handed down. From this day forward we will be able to refer to the America That Was, and that it was a great attempt at freedom. This is a sad and horrific day.

They have succeeded in moving the edifice of our Law off its foundation. From now on, Americans will go cap in hand to the government to ask, please sir, what are my rights? The saddest thing of all is that the law is on our side but we have not used it to explain why Same Sex Marriage is fundamentally wrong. We hear the Gay instigators claim that homosexual marriage is a basic human right and that religion is just an opinion, when the opposite is true. Our rights derive from our human nature, and gay marriage is anti-human nature. True Religion is connected to the Natural Law.

True Religion, as affirmed by our heroic Savior, brought the truth about man into human society and government again, and that is why it succeeded in changing the history of the world. By giving gays a "right" to marriage, they have taken away the source of all our rights. The source of both human and divine law is the same: the natural law with its source in the human nature of every human being. And it is the same nature for all of us.

That is why religion has been exempt from interference by our government from the beginning. The government recognized in the Truth taught by the Christian Church an equal, whose basis is the same as its own. This recognition will now be gone.

Gays can now do what they want, but I will have my pursuit of the Truth denied me. Our country has had another blockage put in the way to true moral dignity and growth in maturity, and thereby reduced our capacity for moral strength and indignation. Of course, Abortion on Demand was the first, and has denied us the ability to draw the lines properly and correctly on moral truth, by compromising our moral practice. May I say that nevertheless, this was not really about any equality, since it will really take away many equal rights before it is done, but about bending the knee to contraception. That reality has robbed us of having or offering any defense to the challenge by homosexuals in doing the ugly things that they want us to say are normal.

Will there be anyone left to educate future generations of Catholics let alone Americans in the right way of moral thinking and practice? Without that, America is as obliterated as was the World That Was, to quote St. Peter, by the flood.

St. Thomas More, who died defending true marriage, and St. Charles Lwanga, who died for refusing homosexual advances, both martyrs of the month of June, pray for us.